How to perform your own Skin Self Examination

Everyone should have regular formal mole checks, but in between you can do your own skin self examination.
To start off you need a few things

  1. Good lighting
  2. A friend to help you see the areas you can’t see
  3. A camera to take photographs with, even a phone camera.

Areas to examine:
Start with the scalp hair as moles can occur in hidden areas too. Then the back of the neck.
Then look at the ear
– Behind the ear
– Inside the ear
– And on top of the ear, or the helical rim
Then the face, which is divided into upper third, middle third and lower third. The lower eyelid and the lower lip are common sites of skin cancers as they tend to catch more sun. Don’t forget the temples.
Move on to the front of the neck,
Then the chest area, then tummy area.
Then the front and the back of the arms
The hands and in between the fingers are often forgotten. Also the nails and the finger tips.
Then I would move on to the back, here you definitely need a friend.
Then the front and the back of the legs.
The feet and in between the toes should be checked. Moles of the soles of the feet, like the hands are very important as they can thicken quite a lot, before you notice they have changed due to the thick skin in this area. Don’t forget to check the toe nails too.
Moving on to areas covered by underwear. Don’t forget to check these too as melanomas can occur in areas never exposed to the sun