Your Makeup Journey

At the Swan Clinic makeup can be serious business. Whether its post surgical cover to help you get back to work earlier or help accentuate our features. Zainab is your answer !

Zainab, has over 10 years of make up experience. She is our resident beauty aficionado and brings an expert approach to your makeup application.


How it works

Bring your makeup kit and learn what it can do for you. Learn how to apply foundation and powder to give you an even palette onto which to start.

What we will teach you, about your makeup:

1- Learn how to contour

2- Highlighting and applying blush to bring out your cheek bones.

3- Learn how to properly apply eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara to give you fuller lashes.

4- Learn how to apply lip lines and layered lipstick to give you plumper lips. Whether you want to apply daytime makeup or night time makeup.


Learn all the tips from our expert


“Zainab has changed my life, something as simple as proper application of makeup can really highlight your best features whilst looking natural”

Dr Reema Hadi