Double Eyelid surgery

Patients who have this procedure do not wish to have a Caucasian eye. What they seek is an eyelid crease. This procedure is performed very carefully. After identification of any asymmetry, measurements are performed and an operation is tailored depending on your wants and what you need.


In addition to creation of a crease, your operation may include

  1. Elimination of any additional creases that may be present
  2. Removal or suspension of excess fat
  3. Treatment of any excess muscle
  4. Treatment of any excess skin
  5. Treatment of ptosis or eyelid malposition

This procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic in the rooms or under sedation in hospital. It takes around 1-2 hours and is performed as day stay. The sutures are removed after one week. Recovery takes 1 week and return to exercise in 2 weeks.