Fat grafting to labia majora | Labia Fat Transfer

Fat grafting to the Labia Majora can be performed as an adjunctive procedure either at the same time as a labiaplasty, or at a different time. It is most suitable for labia majora deflation or with a shallow labia minor: to labia majora groove. The fat is harvested usually from the medial thigh or from the tummy and is placed into the labia majora to pump this area and improve frontal profile and contour. It can also be performed as a stand alone procedure to help conceal prominent labia minora where the patient wishes to avoid surgery.

The procedure starts by marking the area using a contour map. The local anaesthetic is then infused into the donor site. The fat is carefully harvested using a 2mm incision and then processed. Microribbons of fat area placed within the area to improve fat take. Patients will need to take antibiotics after the procedure and a compression garment applied to the thigh or abdominal area. Recovery is 1-2 weeks with long term fat take of 50-80%.