Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer in Sydney

This is a powerful tool to replace the fat pockets that have descended or thinned with time. Fat is harvested from areas where you have excess fat such as around the abdomen using a small incision hidden next to the belly button. An alternative site is the outer thighs.

The fat is then prepared and reinjected into particular areas of the face.

The most popular areas for fat augmentation are the cheek areas, the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. These areas often result in hollowing due to the aging process.

Fat transfer has the advantage of:

  • being autologous (it uses your own tissues)
  • is in plentiful supply once harvested
  • has a retention rate long term of 50-80%.

Sculpting the Face

At The Swan Clinic, we believe that each face is unique and each person is unique. Each patient will receive a treatment plan tailored to their needs.
Contact us today to ask about our facial rejuvenation package.

Assessment includes a thorough workup, standard and 3D photography.

Your package may include a combination of skin treatment, fat grafting, fillers and surgery depending on your needs.