Fat grafting | Fat transfer | autologous fat transfer

Fat transfer also known as Fat Grafting is a natural technique using your own cells. It is a powerful tool to replace areas where fat is needed. Fat transfer has a dual benefit, both improving the donor site, and transplanting the fat to where it is needed. Fat take survives long term, studies show a retention rate long term of 50-80%.

The most popular areas for fat augmentation are the cheek areas, the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. These fill out hollowing and replace fat pockets that have been depleted. Rather than cheek implants, which may become infected or age unnaturally, fat replaces what is lost where it is needed.

Fat can be harvested from the donor site of your choice, these include

  • Lower abdomen or tummy area
  • Upper abdomen or tummy area
  • The flank area or the love handles
  • Inside of thighs
  • Inside of thighs
  • Outside of thighs

The Swan Clinic offers Fat Grafting  to other areas of the body, Check out our other pages:
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The fat is then infused as microribbons to the areas where you need it the most. These microribbons distributed as a net improves the contact of each fat cell to a source of blood supply. The fat “takes” by it establishing a blood supply through a process of blood vessel ingrowth and integration. This allows the fat to survive long term

The benefits of fat transfer include

  • It is natural, using your own tissues
  • It includes plasma (PRP)
  • It includes stem cells which may repopulate the area with new cells
  • Is in plentiful supply once harvested
  • Has a retention rate long term of 50-80%
  • Improved appearance of donor site
  • It can be repeated if needed

Sculpting the Face

At The Swan Clinic, we believe that each face is unique and each person is unique. Each patient will receive a treatment plan tailored to their needs.
Contact us today to ask about our facial rejuvenation package.

Assessment includes a thorough workup, standard and 3D photography.

Your package may include a combination of skin treatment, fat grafting, fillers and surgery depending on your needs.