A face lift is a reconstructive operation used to reverse the signs of ageing. As we get older, our facial skeletal structure changes. Our frontal bone, upper orbital bones and cheek bones shrink back with time. Our faces have fat compartments and muscle layers that descend with time as our facial ligaments stretch. Our skin collagen also atrophies and the elastin weakens. To repair the skin layer, facial peels and laser can be used.

The SMAS layer is redraped and returned to its rightful place. The skin incisions are hidden within the hair line and within the ear. The fat and bone atrophy is repaired usually with fat grafting, although cheek implants can also be used.

Facelift is a 6 hour operation used to carefully sculpt the face and restore tissues to their rightful place. The surgery can be done as surgery or as an overnight stay. Drains are placed and are usually removed the first day after surgery. Bandaging is applied for the first few days.